The ongoing saga of Wolfgang Amadeus Robinson, Wolf to most people. After some serious bad luck the changes in his life seemed to blow out of all proportion, in most cases a person would be happy with even one of his encounters, if they had the courage to step forwards.

An adventure into believable space that expanded past the dreams of mortal man, the adventures we would probably all wish to experience, if we could overcome the initial fear, with a taste of other worlds and strange interactions to spice things up.

Science fiction you can almost believe in, imagine possible and dream about.

Chronicle One: Fear and the Common Man

Life is full of choices and opportunities, whether we make or have made best use of them none of us may ever know for certain, it boils down to our own opinions, maybe judgement. On the odd occasion hindsight gifts us with a hint. Boy did you screw up then. Still, if we have sufficient courage, balls the size of grapefruit, we might end up travelling life's greatest adventure. If events seem to be spiralling out of belief then perhaps destiny isn't written in a book that necessarily restricts us to one planet. Was God an astronaut? I doubt it, but how about Mozart being somewhat out of this world. Wolf was going to find his life changing beyond all measure, worth the inevitable pain as it expanded beyond the dreams of mortal man, and then some. If you think a mere alien encounter will be the thrill of a lifetime then it is unlikely you would have half the fun Wolf was going to experience.
It was just that it started out almost on the wrong foot, still I have heard it said, no pain no gain.

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There are at the moment thirteen volumes available in this series.
Chronicle Two : Major conflict, a walk on the wild side.

Life was changing dramatically since Wolf's strange introduction to a wider world but although every new day brought a tingle to his whole body he hadn't been exactly challenged, mentally that was. Then he encountered an old adversary and things changed out of all recognition. It looked as though he had been well and truly wasted on Earth. If space scientists had been confused by his brief appearance on Mars then what he was considering next would blow their minds into a new dimension.
It was unlikely he could change the direction of Man's evolution, introduce a desire to improve the race, that didn't mean his ideas couldn't achieve that elsewhere. Maybe not instantly, every seed needs time to grow.

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Chronicle Three : Above and beyond

No doubt there are times in everyone's lives when they experience a fear of death. As a police officer perhaps the risks had been exaggerated, the thought of a violent demise always in the back of Wolf's mind. Being alert, a quick analytical thinker wasn't going to protect him from a close proximity pulse blast. Actions had shown him to be brave, even courageous. Thinking about it he proved that every night, sleeping with Seline. Well, everyone was soon going to discover the extent of his heroism, a selfless performance to protect others that had even Wolf himself wondering just what fuelled his actions.

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Chronicle Four : To Boldly Go...

If Wolf wanted to pause and take stock a diary of the last year would seem totally unbelievable. Life Jim, but not as we know it probably fitted him to a tee. After all how many people were capable, or stupid enough, to attempt transferring between two spaceships in casual street clothes? Maybe it was the incredible buzz of the job, maybe the changes in his blood chemistry brought about by intimate contact with his lover was encouraging heroism. Still, if he thought his life was something of a roller coaster he hadn't reckoned on the future. James T. Kirk reckoned he went where no man had been before, Wolf was going to take the phrase to the very limit of acceptance, and then some.

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Chronicle Five : Beyond all understanding

As if it wasn't enough having a romantic affair with a rather frightening alien Wolf had just been transported to a new world where everything seemed out of place. It could just as easily have been out of time, except although it appeared to be Earth there were two suns in the sky. Just when he thought he would be able to settle in to the strange existence things became ever more difficult to understand. Unless... But he had never been able to accept the presence of a god. At least until he married an angel, or maybe a goddess. No doubt everything would become clear eventually, he just had to work through all the anomalies.

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